Based in Coquitlam, I'm a passionate problem solver with a creative streak. I graduated from the Digital Design and Development program at The British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT) which took my inherent interest in puzzles and expanded upon that in the field of web development.

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With a two year diploma, work in the field, and a knack for self-teaching I have built sites from scratch as well as utilizing resources such as bootstrap, jQuery, Grunt and Gulp, using CMS' such as Wordpress as a basis for highly customized sites tailored to specific client needs.

Companies I have worked with include BC Egg Farmers, Vancity Savings Credit Union, Paladin Security, New Westminster Police Department, The Vancouver International Autoshow and more.

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  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3/SASS
  3. Javascript/jQuery
  4. PHP
  5. Git
  6. Vue.js
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What I Make

Web Development | Mobile Apps

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP | Unique interface development

Javascript frameworks | Frontend development

Responsive webpages | One page sites